Pantyhose masturbation

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Pantyhose masturbation means to reach an orgasm through masturbation by involving a pantyhose


Types of Pantyhose Masturbation

Male Masturbation on a Pantyhose

This is one of several common male masturbation methods to leave his jizz in or on her personal items without her knowledge. The male selects any of her pantyhoses or stockings depending on his mood. He then masturbates into her pantyhose or stockings. After 40 to 50 minutes drying time, he puts her pantyhose back. He typically tries to target the foot region of her pantyhose where it is harder to locate his jizz. The preferred color are light color due to the same reason.

Whenever she wears the pantyhose the idea of her foot being surrounded by his jizz gives him great pleasure.

Cum in her Pantyhose

Listing about other popular items to jizz on: Cum on her stuff

Male Masturbation within a Pantyhose

Some men actually wear a pantyhose during masturbation. The feeling of the stretched nylon on their legs adds to their sexual excitement. See under male masturbation in pantyhose.

Female Masturbation within a Pantyhose

In real world this type of female masturbation is very rare. However some smart porn producers recognized the huge amount of male pantyhose masturbators and try to give the male viewer the (staged) excitement of women who love to masturbate while wearing a pantyhose. In reality wearing a pantyhose is not different to wear socks for most women. See the article Masturbating in pantyhose.

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