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Pantyless means lacking panties. Pantyless while wearing clothes is often called going commando. For example, wearing pants but no panties, or a dress and no panties. There are different levels of going pantyless:

  • The mildest level is to go pantyless under pants. In this case only the pantyless woman knows, that she does not wear panties. The reason might be to avoid panty lines.
  • The next level is to go pantyless under knee-long or longer skirts. The pantyless woman can feel her lack of panty while the chance of anyone else noticing it is relatively little.
  • The highest level is to go pantyless under miniskirts, where the chance of other persons spotting her pussy is high.
  • The next level is to go bottomless.

Many report that often sexual stimulation is generated while going pantyless:

- For the girl, it might be the thrill that she is the only one to know that she is not dressed according to the standard etiquette.Or the excitement of knowing that someone may see up her skirt and discover her secret.

- For the male partner, it is the knowledge that he is the only one to know that his girl wears no panties.

Catching a pantyless upskirt photo is one of the highest rewards for voyeurs. Going pantyless spontaneously is also called airing the pussy. A special type of pantyless is going pantyless in pantyhose.

Typical situation to go pantyless include (but are not limited to):

Lexo is always pantyless - even at the airport.

  • Of course you get rid of your panties before picking up your hubby from work in order to allow occasional finger fucks.
Terry getting pantyless before picking up hubby from work.

  • When visiting the local bookstore to read a book and have some coffee, you of course do it pantyless:
Pantyless Janine at the local bookstore.

  • When visiting Italy, everybody expects from you to be pantyless:
Pantyless Dulcinea in Italy.

  • When wearing a nice summer dress, you need to be pantyless:
Pantyless Ormi is elegant without panties.

  • When wearing pantyhoses, there is no need at all for a panty, so go you of course pantyless:

  • Many girls go pantyless to the clubs:
Pantyless girl at the club

  • When wearing tight jeans, you can easily go pantyless:
Pantyless under tight Blue Jeans.

  • When wearing a micro mini skirt Marie can easily decide when to start being pantyless
Marie going from panties down to pantyless
Marie with panties off and a micro mini skirt, rear view


  • Less to pack when traveling.
  • Cooler in summer.
  • Faster dressing
  • No pantylines
  • Upskirters will not see your panties
  • Flirty skirts on windy days will not reveal your panties but will flash your pussy
  • Less laundry
  • Easier to reach pussy for playtime

More Pantyless Women Photos

Many photos and videos from amateurs and voyeurs showing pantyless women can be found in VCity, the erotic adult playground, under Pantyless Photo Blog

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