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Pantyline voyeurism also known as "VPL voyeurism" is a type of voyeurism and a specialized typed of panty voyeurism focusing on documenting panty lines worn under tight skirts or pants. Voyeurs practicing this type of voyeurism are called pantyline voyeurs and are targeting candid visible panty lines in in public. Her skirt or pants must sit tight around her [[ass] and she must wear a type of panty which produces pantyline.

In order to prevent pantyline voyeurism, several lingerie brands brought out "no pantyline panty" designs around 2007. Those panties are designed in a way that no VPLs are produced by being totally seamless and having precision-cut edges that leave no lines or bulges under tight clothing.

They can usually be found on public streets whenever there are good light conditions.

Pantyline Voyeurism Photos

Related Types of Pantyline Voyeur Photos

  • Thong voyeurism: Documenting thongs shining through fabric or visible above the waist line of her pants.

Further Photos and Videos showing Pantylines (VPL) on candid women

Further photos and videos showing VPLs on real candid women can be found on VCity under VPL Photo Blog

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