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The term Penetration when used at Adult sites means something or someone penetrating (entering) her body through her mouth or pussy or anus with something. Penetration can be combined in any way you can think about. In general penetration can be divided into single penetration, which means only one of her holes is penetrated at a time, double penetration, which means that one or two of her holes are penetrated by two different intruders and multi penetration (which means that she is penetrated more than two times simultaneously. In many cases, but not necessarily, penetration goes together with fucking.

Typically, woman has eyes shut and mouth open, sometimes showing the tongue, as she is penetrated.

The different types of penetration are discussed in separate articles under the link below:

  • Single penetration: One of her holes entered at a time either by herself or by a sex partner.
  • Double penetration: Two of her holes are entered at the same time or one hole entered with two items or body parts.
  • Triple penetration: Three items or body parts penetrating two or three of her holes at the same time.

In order to prevent him to penetrate another person so-called chastity cages are being used. In order to prevent her from being penetrated so-called chastity belts are used on her.

Nina penetrating a girlfriend doggy style from behind

More Penetration Photos

Many photos and videos from amateurs showing penetration can be found in VCity, the erotic adult playground, under Penetration Photo Blog

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