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The penis (plural: penises, penes) is the external male sexual organ and considered the main male erogenous zone. The penis consists of the penis shaft, the foreskin (which might be circumcised) and the tip of his penis called glans. From the biological point of view his balls (or testicles) are not part of his penis but an extra part of his body, although his balls are attached the lower shaft of the penis.

The penis is the male reproductive organ and a major source of male sexual excitement, especially when ejaculating during an orgasm. Massages delivered to a penis are called handjob, unless administered by the feet, then called a footjob.

When sexually aroused (horny), the male brains are known to move from their standard position (right between the ears) down to the penis - forcing the owner of the penis to do crazy things. Also - but not so often - it can be observed that the penis moves from its standard position (between the legs) up into the brain of the hosting body. People who suffer from this are called 'dickheads‘.

When exposed to cold water, shrinkage occurs in most males. Extreme shrinkage! The same thing happens when Lorena Bobbit stories are told. When exposed to a beautiful naked woman, the penis will rise and wink at her. The same thing happens when a male daydreams which occurs about 240 times a day.


Commons Things He Does with his Penis

When it comes to penis, men developed a whole range of enjoyable sexual applications. Amongst the most common things men do with their penises are:

  • To stick his penis into pussy, which means to fuck a girl.
  • To stick his penis into an anus, which means to go anal.
  • To stick his penis into a mouth for oral pleasure, which means to receive a blowjob.
  • To let her stroke his penis with her hands, which means to receive a handjob.
  • To stroke his penis with his own hands, which means to masturbate.
  • To apply vacuum to his penis, which means to stick it into a penis pump.
  • To lock his penis, which means to apply a chastity cage.
  • To enlarge his penis through medical substances like Viagra.
  • To let her stroke his penis with her feet which means to receive a footjob
  • To insert his penis into all types of vibrating sex toys
  • To stick his penis into all kind of female items like her shoes, her purse, her nylons. This is called having a fetish.

Special Types and Version of Penises

  • BBC: Stands for big black cock

Slang Names in English

  1. Dick
  2. Pecker
  3. Cock
  4. Pole
  5. Sir Little Igor
  6. Big Guy
  7. Little Guy
  8. The Brains
  9. The Boss
  10. Old Faithful
  11. Limpy or Stiffy
  12. One-eyed snake
  13. Weiner or Weanie
  14. joystick
  15. All Day Sucker
  16. Fireman
  17. Purple-headed yoghurt slinger
  18. Johnson
  19. Wang
  20. Wanker
  21. One-eyed Wonder Worm
  22. Willie
  23. Phallus
  24. Fuckstick
  25. Sausage (or Meat, or Meatstick)
  26. Tube-steak
  27. Tallywacker
  28. Wanker
  29. Shaft
  30. Cherry-picker
  31. Middle leg
  32. Rod
  33. Squid
  34. Submarine
  35. Porpoise
  36. Dong (or Ding-Dong)
  37. Burrito
  38. Twinkie (cream filling included)
  39. Skin Flute
  40. Peter

Slang Names in non-English

please add (language) if known

  1. زب (Arabic)
  2. Verga (Español/italian/portugues)
  3. Pito
  4. Palo
  5. Chóstomo
  6. Vergon
  7. Pilin
  8. Camarón
  9. Tranca
  10. Kuku
  11. Çük
  12. kamıs
  13. deli oglan
  14. ufaklik
  15. chimbo
  16. mondá
  17. cabezón
  18. lul
  19. lund (india)
  20. bara (bengali)
  21. laora (bengali)
  22. cazzo (italian)
  23. bega (italian)
  24. bastone (italian)
  25. sticchio (italian/sicily)
  26. uccello (italian)
  27. trapano (italian)
  28. minchia (sicily)
  29. caralho (Portugues)
  30. pau (brasileiro)
  31. kontol (indonesia)
  32. Polla (México, España)
  33. Mazacuata (México)
  34. Chuj (Polish)
  35. Kutas (Polish)
  36. Fiut (Polish)
  37. Macana (México)
  38. Reata (México)
  39. Liana (Mèxico)
  40. Cabezona (México)
  41. Negra (México)
  42. Pico (México)
  43. Pistola (México)
  44. Pirrin (México)
  45. Schwanz (German)
  46. LUN (Urdu.Pakistan)
  47. Pipiolo (México)
  48. titi (Filipino)
  49. tarugo (Filipino)
  50. pototoy (Filipino)
  51. Picha (Costa Rica)
  52. Pija (Costa Rica)
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