Pillow humping

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Pillow humping is a type of female masturbation technique which is based on clitoral stimulation: Women place a pillow between their legs [or sit on a pillow] and rub their pussy on the pillow until they climax. It looks like they are kind of riding the pillow. The movement of her crotch against the pillow stimulates her clit and most women reach an orgasm within 5 to 7 minutes. A short slang expression of this is "humping a pillow". Pillow humping is one of several handsfree masturbation techniques, as her hands are not involved to stimulate her pussy. Pillow humping is often performed as handsfree masturbation.

If she rides her boyfriend like this, it would be either the cowgirl sex position or humping cowgirl sex.

Pillow Humping Photos

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