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Poking nipples (a.k.a. Pokies) means that the shape of her nipples can be seen clearly through her top or bikini. This is especially the case when going braless or wearing a shelf bra with erected nipples as well wearing a thin single layer bikini top. The huger her erected nipples are, the more visual effect appears. When wearing very thin tops, not only the shape of her erected nipples but also the shape of her areolas might show through her top. There are rare occasions where her poking nipples clearly show through her top although she is wearing a bra. There is a huge difference between poking nipples and see-through nipples: Poking nipples only project the shape of her nipples onto the exterior side of her top, while see-through nipples are fully visible through the see-through fabric. Poking nipples are brought to the extreme at wet T-shirt contests. If her poking nipples are covered by a bikini, it is called bikini pokies. The best effects are achieved by long nipples and thick nipples. Poking nipples are subject to candid pokies photos.

More Photos of Poking Nipples

Many photos and videos from amateurs and voyeurs showing poking nipples can be found in VCity, the erotic playground, under Poking Nipples Photo Blog

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