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Pornography is the display of sexually stimulating material - images or stories. This is a subjective term. Some will find simple nudity sexually stimulating and deem it pornography. Others may be unaroused by explicit sexual activities, and to them, it is not pornography. What one views as sexually stimulating is pornography to them, but perhaps not to others.

US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography, "I know it when I see it." He later admitted this was an impossible standard of law.

Voyeurclouds and Pornography

Some contri shown at Voyeurclouds is sexually stimulating to many VCer and officially called amateur pornography. Some maintain it is not pornography, but art. Art can include pornography since the latter term is dependent on the viewer more than the artist. VC prove pornography is not a bad thing amongst like-minded people.

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