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How to post your photos or videos to your VCity blog


Step by step

  1. Snap a photo
  2. load photo onto your computer
  3. okay, let's roll
  4. From any VCity page, you want to navigate to your wall: Roll over the "Me" and goto the "My Wall" option on the dropdown menu.

  5. That will take you to Your Wall. The top of My Wall looks like this ready for a new blog post

  6. To start a blog post, just start typing something in the text box, or upload an image by click the cloud button on the right side of the text box. Use VC Wiki links if you want to connect your post to something in this Wiki.

  7. Add as many tags as you desire. More tags means more people will find your posts, but make sure the tags match the subject. False tagging can lead to lower points and make your blog most difficult to find.
  8. Three pulldown menu options exist for your to choose:
    * Who can see your blog post
    * Which Category your post belongs
    * Any contest the photo matches
  9. Here's how I really filled out my blog post: All Entries Completed, ready to Post

  10. When you have double-checked your entries, click POST
  11. ta-da... Your photo is posted on your wall, and your followers will see it as well. Others might view it by the category or by performing a Sexy Search and matching your tag(s)

Your image can be HUGE, but VCity will resize it down to 1400 pixels tall or so.

In less than a few minutes, this image has been "liked" by several. So what are your waiting for? Try it!

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