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Public masturbation is the logical add-on activity to public exhibitionism and the opposite of hidden masturbation: Instead of 'only' showing off nude facts the female starts to masturbate at locations with no or limited privacy thus allowing other persons to watch her playing with her tits and/or pussy. Public masturbation is considered a location-oriented female masturbation technique.

Public masturbation is mostly done at locations where it is unlikely to be seen - otherwise it is more an element of very aggressive exhibitionism. The thought that someone might be watching and that she is exposed during masturbation, gives some females additional mental stimulation or simply sexual thrills. Public masturbation usually includes her stimulating her pussy, e.g. her clit. Typically the masturbating lady selects a location where she might be spotted and not a location where she will be spotted. Those places can be: the passenger or driver seat of a car, a balcony, a window, a beach. Also in most cases the location can be seen but not be accessed easily, meaning that the masturbating lady keeps the spectators out of direct access to her body. Public masturbation might lead to public fucking or might be accompanied by her giving him a public handjob.

Public male masturbation is likely to get you arrested and labeled a pervert and is called public wanking.


Common Locations for Public Masturbation

Public Masturbation in Cars

According to the number of contris received by Voyeurcloud, this seems to be one of the most popular locations for public masturbation. The masturbating female can be the driver or codriver of the car. When a female driver masturbates, her actions are almost hidden, while a masturbating codriver has more options to let bypassing cars and especially trucks know about her ongoing masturbation. When masturbating while driving, she usually uses her hands and fingers only, while a masturbating codriver might use sex toys. Public masturbation in cars can be combined with flashing truckers. Public masturbation in cars is also discussed under mobile masturbation and car masturbation.

Public Masturbation in Car Photos

Public Masturbation behind a Window

Another common type of public masturbation is to position yourself behind a window (quite often the window of a hotel room) and to start masturbation activities. This is called window masturbation. The most extreme type of masturbating behind a window is to attach a suction cup dildo to the window. This activity is called window fuck.

Public Masturbation while Sunbathing

Public Masturbation while sunbathing is another common method. Masturbating ladies have been spotted on all kind of beaches including topless beaches and nude beaches and depending on the location the masturbating girl wears a bikini, a bikini bottom only or nothing. Ideally she has a partner with her to let her know if she has been spotted. Being told someone is watching can bring on an almost instant climax. He should also take some photos! A special type of this type of masturbation is beach masturbation.

Videos showing public masturbation while sunbathing:

Public Masturbation on Balconies

Public Masturbation on a balcony is another popular method.

Crossed Legs Masturbation

Women masturbating in public places by crossing their legs and squeezing the thighs together, which a handsfree and very discrete way to masturbate for women. There is no way to tell that a girl is performing crossed legs masturbation!

Further Videos and Photos about Masturbation

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