Public masturbation in cars

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Public masturbation in cars is a combination of exhibitionism and masturbation while being driven around in a car and a form of mobile masturbation.

The knowledge that others might see her while she is untouchable from outside at the same time produces more excitement for the masturbating woman. In addition the sexual tension between the driver and the masturbating codriver or passenger will also raise. Public masturbation in cars is usually performed by the codriver and not by the driver. The typical scenario of public masturbation in cars is:

  • It has to be obvious from outside the car that she is playing with her pussy, e.g. with her clit.
  • This is achieved by sitting topless or by covering her tits with a bra only or by spreading her legs in a way which is visible from outside the car.
  • Many cases have been documented of public masturbation in cars have been documented: Sex toys might or might not be used during the masturbation.
  • The driver of the car does not interfere at all with the masturbating woman.

if she performs masturbation in a car in hidden way, so nobody can notice her activities, it is called car masturbation.

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