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Pullme voyeurism is a new type of voyeurism and a very specialized subtype of the more general thong voyeurism focusing on documenting low waist pants in combination with the corresponding Pullme string. This is a new type of voyeurism, resulting from the low waist fashion trend. The typical equipment:

used at spots and locations where you typically expect this type of fashion and where women sit on steps - like for example parks or stadium or some landmarks.

The reason why this type of thong voyeurism is called pullme-voyeurism is simple: Everytime a pullme voyeur spots a pullme-thing, he does not only feel the urgent need to document the sexy underwear but also to grab the thong with his hand and to pull. Caution: Do not pull thongs on other girls than your wife or girlfriend!!!

This type of voyeurism should not be confused with asscrack voyeurism. The asscrack voyeur tries to document low waist pants and ass cracks, while the pullme voyeur documents her sexy panties. Outside of the Voyeurcloud community pull me voyeurism is called whale tail voyeurism.

Voyeured Thongs by Pullme Voyeurs: Photo Samples

Related Types of Pullme Voyeur Photos

  • Thong voyeurism: Documenting thongs shining through fabric or visible above the waist line of her pants.
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