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A pussy fart happens when compressed air is released from a woman's vagina. Unlike the regular [[fart], the pussy fart is not caused by gases being developed inside her body but by external air trapped in her pussy. Because of this, the pussy fart does not have the distinctive smell of most regular farts.

Typically the air get trapped inside during sex, or masturbation with a sex toy and is expelled when the object is removed...sometimes not right away. Usually dependent on how vigorous the sex or masturbation is. Common causes for a pussy fart:

  • Huge penises and large sex toys penetrating her vagina tend to produce pussy farts which appear like a slow and single "brrrrffffffffff" when the penis or object is removed.
  • Lying on her back with raised legs during sex or masturbation tend to contribute to pussy farts.
  • Having a tight vagina and huge pussy lips (labia majora or labia minora or both) contribute to pussy farts.
  • If the object or penis is entirely pulled out of her pussy during every stroke and then re-entered, she faces the "bicycle pump" effect. After a few strokes some air pressure builds up inside her vagina, which leads to a "bfshhhht" sound with every new stroke,
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