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Pussy juice: Natural lubrication produced inside a pussy before and during sex or masturbation producing a so called wet pussy.
Caution: Sometimes pussy juice is not what you think it is. It can also be the jizz of the guy who fucked your girl an hour ago without you knowing about it. The chemical test to distinguish pussy juice from left-over cum is simple: Pussy juice is sour (pH between 4.5 and 5) while cum is neutral or higher (pH 7 and higher). The pH of a pussy can easily be measured using litmus paper as an indicator.

Pussy juice dripping on the saddle

The amount of pussy juice produced by girls is very individual: Some girls do hardly produce enough pussy juice for pussy lubrication while others start dripping. As far as the authors of this article know, you cannot buy pussy juice neither auction or sell pussy juice, although it would not be too difficult to bottle pussy juice. If you would like to taste your girl's pussy juice all you need to do is to start eating her pussy.


Facts about Pussy Juice

  • Pussy juice has very few calories. Its chemical composition is somewhat similar to vinegar which contributes to its sometimes bitter taste; some think it just tastes divine. Unfortunately, there are not enough nutrients to survive solely on pussy juice.
  • Every pussy tastes somehow different, mainly dependent on what the owner of the pussy ate within the prior 48 hours. Common pussy taste is described as: buttery, sour, bitter, lemony, sweet, salty but not too salty, fishy and tangy.
  • Pussy juice is the cause for so called wet spots on panties and pants and sheets most commonly.
  • Pussy juice is one of the causes for the individual pussy smell.

Pussy Juice Contains:

  • Lots of Water
  • Pyridine: An organic compound with a typical fishy odor. It's major role in chemical solutions is to prevent freezing of water. Only god knows why women produce Pyridine in their pussy. Pyridine is the only cause for "fishy" pussies and the pussy owner has no way to decrease the percentage of Pyridine in her pussy juice.
  • Squalene: An organic compound which is oil-like. It's major role is lubrication. It has no odor.
  • Carbamide: An organic compound also to be found in urine. Mostly used as fertilizer!! Some scientists believe the role of carbamide is to extend the life cycle of the male sperms after ejaculation into her pussy. It smells a little bit like oak wood, but far less intensive.
  • Acetic acid and lactic acid: Also to be found in milk. Does not smell at all.
  • Alcohols (very little): You would need to drink 26 gallons (or 105 liters) of pussy juice in order to reach the alcoholic effect of one glass of beer. The role of the alcohol is pussy juice is to prevent the components above to separate from each other.

None of the components above is in any way toxic or has any positive or negative effect if swallowed. The nutrition effect is low because pussy juice is very low on calories due to the absence of proteins. You would need to drink at least 35 gallons (140 liters) of pussy juice a day to avoid starvation compared to 0.3 gallons (about 1 liter) of male ejaculation.

Pussy juice on a wet pussy.
Pussy juice on a wet pussy.

Pussy Juice Check:

In order to be aware of the status of the produced pussy juice, some females run the so-called pussy juice inspection every 20 minutes on themselves or use the iPussy device.

A girl checking on her pussy juice.
Him checking on her pussy juice with his finger.
Her checking on her pussy juice with her finger.

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