Pussy smell

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Pussy smell is the odor of the pussy. Leaving aside artificial products to change the odor of a pussy, like perfumes, each pussy smells somehow individually and descriptions range from brown fresh coffee to fishy and rotten. The pussy smell is caused by microorganisms which live inside every vagina and which 'eat' the fluids you find in vaginas, mainly her pussy juice and his jizz. The microorganisms digest those fluids and the aftermath is the typical smell of a pussy. Each pussy juice may vary in its combination, the amount of jizz might vary and on top of it, the types of microorganisms (mainly bacteroides and mycoplasma) living in each pussy vary. An extreme pussy smell of rotten fish might indicate a bacterial disease or a yeast infection of the pussy or be caused by lots of jizz. Some men are attracted by pussy smell while others have a problem with it.

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