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Remote controlled stimulation means to stimulate another person by remote controlling a stimulating device attached to the body. Remote controlled stimulation requires at least 2 persons and a wireless sex toy. Remote controlled stimulation is typically performed at public places between him and her. The following scenario is common:

She wears the vibrating component of the wireless sex toy under her clothes. This can be either a vibrating panty or vibrating bullets or any other type of remote controlled vibrating device targeting her sensitive clit and/or pussy. It might be a vibrating device sitting directly on her clit or a little vibrator inserted into her pussy. He has the remote control of the vibrating device allowing him to turn the vibrations on her on and off as well as (dependent on the type of sex toy) change the level of vibrations teasing her clit and/or pussy. He will then "send" her short waves of excitements, while she stands or sits in public or performs some task in public. Common scenarios include (but are not limited to)

  • Her standing at a bar
  • Having dinner at a restaurant with or without friends
  • Going on a bus or metro ride
  • Asking her to gas up the car and pushing the button while she stands outsides or pays for the gas
  • Visiting a museum
  • Attending a party or reception

The remote controlled stimulation leads to following exciting effects: He will be excited by being in control and by watching her facial expressions as well as her body reactions when pushing the remote button. She does not know when to expect and for how long to expect the next wave of excitement and ones it hits her, she must perform an unusual self control in public under the effect of teasing vibrations.

Depending on his mood he might go as far as letting her experiencing a remote controlled orgasm in public or might stop short. In all cases both partners will be surprise about the tremendous amount of pussy juice being produced during the remote controlled stimulation phase.

Caution: It is not wise to make her drive a car or to make her pass a security check point while wearing the vibration device!

A wireless sex toy with a vibrating dildo used for remote controlled stimulation
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