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A "restroom" is a little cabin in a house, condo, restaurant, RV,boat, plane or other places usually equipped with a lockable door and a chair with a centered hole (also called toilet). The main purpose of a restroom is to gain privacy for masturbation, quickies and other basic human requirements. Girls almost always get bottomless in a restroom, which turns restrooms into primary targets for voyeurs. The type of female masturbation which mostly occurs in restrooms is the Female masturbation in seated position and the restroom is considered a very common masturbation location . Besides all that, a restroom is the only location to shoot the standard erotic pose called girl on toilet with the subtypes peeing girl on toilet and masturbation on toilet as well as girl in men's room.

Photos of Girls Restrooms

A girl on toilet in a restroom
A girl playing with her pussy on toilet: Jeanna
Lorenza in the rest room pee
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