Reverse cowgirl sex position

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The reverse cowgirl sex position is a sex position which is good for pussy penetration and anal sex.

  • The man lies flat on his back or elevates his shoulder/head region
  • The woman sits on top of him facing his feet, with his body between her legs and her pussy on top or in front of his penis.
  • The reverse cowgirl allows his and her hands full access to her tits during fucking as well as touching and teasing her clit.
  • The reverse cowgirl position does not really require her riding him but can go to the extend, where she almost lies flat on him. This variation is often used for anal sex.
  • If a second man joins the reverse cowgirl position from the top thus producing threesome sex, this position mutates into a sandwich sex position which allows double penetration and even double pussy penetration.

Due to the angle of his penis entering her pussy, the reverse cowgirl position supplies only vaginal stimulation and no clitoral stimulation to her. This position is often combined with a reach-around handjob as foreplay. Furthermore the reverse cowgirl position is a comfy position to perform anal sex, because the angle of attack of his penis nicely compliments the angle of her anus. If the reverse cowgirl position is used for vaginal penetration, she will often arch forward. If used for anal sex, she will very likely arch back.

Girl who deeply enjoy this position often also prefer the riding a dildo technique when masturbating. The reverse cowgirl position belongs to the family of Sex with pussy from behind positions and can be easily run as the reverse cowgirl anal-sex position.

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