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A Rosebud is a stainless steel insertable anal plug that typically features a "jewel" that is affixed to the portion of the plug that remains outside the wearer. Rosebuds can be found in size S, M, and L, with each size increasing in length , girth, and most of all weight. Many wearers report that due to the stainless steel, Rosebuds are more comfortable for long term wear than other plugs made of synthetic materials.

A rosebud has the following functions:

  • The wearing lady decorates her anus.
  • The rosebud trains the muscles of her anus. It is like a workout for the muscle of her anus.
  • She might feel excited while having a rosebud up her anus.
  • The rosebud attracts views.
  • The rosebud prepares her anus for anal sex
  • The rosebud might shine through her clothes

Photos of Rosebuds

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