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Saggy tits that are C and D cup sizes and larger can become saggy with the common effects of age, childbirth, nursing and gravity. Sometimes, smaller sized tits can also get saggy from these same causes. Tits become softer, less firm and less perky. In extreme cases, the breasts can hang down to belly button level. Some (many?) women develop saggy tits immediately after puberty, most likely due to their genetic make-up. However, many women will be surprised to learn that there is a substantial number of men who find saggy tits quite exciting and hot. Saggy tits can make for a very nice cleavage if displayed with the right bra, and they can offer lots of fun to the men that like to titfuck.

For something along the same lines, see hangers.

For those women who hope to make their tits more perky, unfortunately, it is probably not possible, apart from cosmetic surgery. They would be wasting their time and money on any other solution and only serve to fatten the wallets of unethical merchants. There are also no studies that prove that wearing a bra will prevent tits from sagging. The tissue that gives tits their shape will break down (if that's the right term) when stretched through childbirth and due to other factors. It is not very elastic. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery, while a solution, is not ideal. Apparently, there is a risk that sensitivity in the nipple and areola can be lost. Some might argue that it is best to just accept one's body the way it is and take comfort in the fact that most women's tits hang down, to either a small or large degree, especially after childbirth. And, besides, would you rather have no children but perky tits? I didn't think so.


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