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See-through clothing, also simply called see-thru and c-thru and also called transparent clothing, are all kind of transparent and semi-transparent clothing items, which allow to see the underlying layer of clothing or her skin through its fabric. Most pantyhoses or stockings are see-through clothing items, but there are also sexy tops, skirts, pants and dresses. Additionally bras and [panties]] can also be see-through. See-through can be transparent because of the nature of the fabric used, like for example thin nylon, mesh or sheer, or become see-through when wet, like bikinis or t-shirts.

See-through clothing items might be used to expose her lingerie or to show off her skin, including ass and tits. See-through clothing items might consist of different fabrics, which allow to see parts of her skin, while other parts are hidden under view-blocking fabrics. Depending on the level of transparency a woman wearing seethrough clothes might appear almost topless and/or bottomless and leave no space for speculation about the size and shape of her tits and ass. The effect of seeing her skin through her clothes can be amplified by tan lines, especially by tanlines on her tits. Wearing or appearing see-through in public is subject to see through voyeurism targeting so-called see through tits, see through asses as well as see through pussy.


See-through effect achieved by Thin Fabric

Garments used for this type of see-through clothing items are typically sheer or mesh garments. Mesh is a type of fabric, which consists of many holes. Extreme mesh has much more and bigger holes than it has material. Sheer is a ultra-thin material made of nylon or polyester. Fishnet pantyhoses are typically made of mesh, while regular pantyhoses are typically made of sheer. The transparent materials provide minimum warmth, but result in excessive heat for others observing. Works well with or without a bra. Most effective when worn in public places.

See-Through Sheer Items

See-Through Sheer Tops

See-Through tops allow to see her tits or her bra. The more extreme see through tops are also called transparent tops. If you can only see the shape of her nipples but not the nipples themselves, it is not see through but you witness poking nipples also called pokies. (Read more under see through tops and transparent tops and mesh tops.)

See-Through Sheer Tops Photos

See-Through Sheer Dresses

See-through dresses allow to see her bra and panty or (if she is pantyless and braless) to see her entire body. Read and see more under the article: See-through dress and candid see-through dress.

See-Through Sheer Dresses Photos

See-Through Sheer Skirts

See-through skirts either allow you to see her panties or her pubic region and her ass - and of course her legs. Documenting see through skirt on the street often results into candid thongs photos when facing candid see-through skirts in public.

See-Through Sheer Skirts Photos

See-Through Sheer Lingerie Items

Almost every lingerie item can be see-through: Panties, bras, pantyhoses, stockings, catsuits, babydolls, bodysuits and more.

Photos of See-Through Sheer Lingerie Items

See-Through Mesh Items

See-Through Mesh Tops

See-Through Mesh Dresses

See-Through Mesh Skirts

See-Through Mesh Lingerie

See-Through Mesh Panties

See-Through Pants

See-through pants either allow you to see her panties or even her her ass and more - and of course her legs. Documenting see through pants on the street often results into candid thongs photos. Especially white pants tend to turn see-through under good light conditions.

See-Through Leggings

Since wearing leggings alone and not combining them with any pants or skirts, see-through leggings either allow you to see her panties or even her her ass and more. Documenting see through leggings on the street often results into candid thongs or even candid ass photos.

See-Through Bikinis

See through bikinis are female swimwear, mainly bikinis, which are always transparent or only turn transparent when wet. The degree of transparency goes from clear transparency to blurred transparency and depends on the type of fabric used.

See-through effect achieved by White Fabric

Most white garments become transparent under certain light conditions. The see-through effect depends on the thickness of the garments as well on single layer garnment. Most girl wearing white skirts and white pants are not aware of the see through effect of their clothing items, e.g. at the rear side. More photos and articles under white skirts and white pants.

See-through effect achieved by Wet Fabric

Some garments are opaque when dry, but become transparent when wet. These are only see-through when wet. Lighter pastel cotton fabric colors such as white, yellow, orange, and pink all have a natural tendency to become see-through when wet. The most popular type of top for this kind of effect is a classical white t-shirt. See also Wet T-shirt. The side effected of a wet t-shirt is not only transparency but also poking nipples.

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More Women in See-through Clothing Photos

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