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See through top: Sexy top which is see-through under certain light conditions or features some transparent regions or allows only to see through it's fabric from particular angles. A top which is always transparent under all light conditions is called transparent top. A state of being semi-nude and fully dressed at the same time. Beginners may often start by wearing a tee shirt under the see through top (rookies!) and progress to only a bra under the see through top (much better!) and finally graduate to full frontal viewage of their nipples and tits through the see through top. See through tops worn in public are subject to see through voyeurism. See through tops allow women to show their nipple piercings in public.

While the intermediate steps are understood, it is much more appreciated to have the woman immediately graduate to the fully see through or transparent stage. This facilitates true exhibitionism and avoids the need of occasionally flashing tits or going topless at locations where topless would not be appropriate. Titties views through fabric are called see through tits. See-through tops are a standard clothing item of see-through exhibitionism.

Photos of women wearing see-through tops

Further Photos and Videos showing Women wearing See-through Tops

Many more photos and videos done by amateurs and voyeurs showing women wearing see-through tops can be found on VCity under Seethrough Tops Photo Blog

also see See-through clothing

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