See through voyeurism

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See through voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on observing and documenting women wearing see-through fabrics like see through tops or transparent tops or see-through pants, e.g. white pants, or see-through leggings.

The fabrics might be see through in general or only appear see through under special light conditions. In the later case, the woman wearing the see through clothes in most cases is not aware about the see through effect of her clothes. Documenting this type of non-intensional see through effect is of special interest for see through voyeurs. See through asses and see through tits are of special interest of see through voyeurs. If the see through shots are done on candid unaware women on the street it is called candid see-through photos.

Photos of See-through Voyeurism

Related Types of Candid See-through Photos

  • Thong voyeurism: Documenting thongs shining through fabric or visible above the waist line of her pants.

Photo Blogs of See-through Voyeurs

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