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Self-bondage masturbation is a rare female masturbation technique and a special type of bondage masturbation and also considered kinky masturbation: She self-ties either parts of her body together in order to limit her own movements during masturbation or she ties parts of her body to an object.

The known self-bondage masturbation methods are:

  • Self-bondage of both legs pulled together
She tied her own legs before masturbation

Before she starts the active masturbation procedure, she ties together both of her legs. She does that by using ropes or regular belts and ties those around her ankles, knees and thights in a stretched position of her legs.This type of simple self-bondage will make it impossible for her to spread her leg during the following self-stimulation. Stimulation is limited to nipple stimulation and clit stimulation as there is no comfy way for pussy penetration. Being unable to spread her legs during the final phase of masturbation as well as having no practical way for penetration might cause a much more intense orgasm.

  • Self-bondage of one hand tied away
She tied her own hand before masturbation

She ties one of her hands to a bed pole far away from her body. Beginners usually tie their less dominant hand while "connoisseurs" tie their dominant hand (which means righthanded connoisseurs would tie their right hand). During the entire following masturbation process, one of her hands keeps tied away, which forces her to reach a climax with one hand only. The inability to use the second self-bondaged hand for selfpleasure, especially during the last moments before reaching the orgasm, might cause a much more intense final climax phase.

  • Self-bondage of both legs pulled apart

She ties both of her legs in spread position to some objects like two bed poles. She uses ropes or regular belts and ties those around her ankle and the object. She is now "forced" by self-bondage to keep her legs in that spread position during the entire masturbation process, which might cause much more excitement during the final phase.

  • Self-bondage of her tits
Breast Bondage before masturbation

She firmly ties her boobs before masturbation. The reduction of blood flow will further swell and firm the shape of her tied tits. The swelling and firming effect usually makes her bondaged breast very sensitive, especially the nipples areas. Once her tied breasts are swollen, her nipples will become erected. See article under breast bondage.

Selfbondage Masturbation Photos

Jenni tied her own hands before starting self bondage masturbation
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