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Selflicking usually refers to a woman licking her own nipples and is a type of nipple stimulation as well as a sexual fetish. Every other highly sensitive body part is out of reach for the tongue of normal people. A male licking his own penis as well as a female licking her own pussy would require extraordinarily acrobatic capabilities and can only be achieved by very few persons. Unless the girl is very acrobatic, the requirement to be physically able to reach her own nipples with her tongue is a medium breast size unless she is a flexible girl and can bend her neck beyond normal standards. If she has big tits or very big tits she is not only able to lick her own boobs, but also to suck on her own nipples. Selflicking is best performed by young flexible nude girlfriends.

A female licking her own nipples might have different motivations.

see also: Nipple licking

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