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Sex in public is besides public masturbation the wildest type of exhibitionism: Instead of 'only' showing off nude facts two or more persons engage into sexual activities like for example public fucking or giving a public handjob or beach blowjob.

Sex in public is mostly done at exposed locations where it is likely to be seen and on the other side do not allow direct access to bystanders. Typical places include balconies or rooftops or illuminated hotel rooms opposite of another building. The knowledge that other persons are watching the sex in public might give an additional thrilling feeling to the fucking couple. Activities like blowjobs and handjobs are less common in public but more quickie-type oriented, which means that there was no other location nearby to engage into sex. Sex in public is different to "outdoor sex". Outdoor sex lacks the provocative motivation. According to many news reports sex in public has become more popular during the last years. In most countries sex in public will get you arrested if you get caught by the authorities. The most spread type of sex in public is sex on the beach. A more subtle type of sex in public is performing remote controlled stimulation.

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