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A sex toy is any object or device that is primarily used in facilitating sexual pleasure for him or her or both - used during masturbation as a masturbation toy, foreplay and sexual intercourse. More sophisticated and huger devices are called fucking machine. Sex toys might be designed for penetration or external stimulation covering clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, anal stimulation as well as nipple stimulation. The sex toy is either handled by the person herself/himself for masturbation purposes or used on another person for stimulation. Primarily sex toys are designed to stimulated erogenous zones through vibration, low air pressure or penetration. Other sex toys are designed to add to sexual thrills by keeping body openings open or closed.

ES: Juguetes sexuales


Types of Sex Toys

Sex toys might be primarily designed for penetration, external stimulation, restraint (bondage) or other purposes.

Penetrating Sex Toys

Penetrating sex toys are mainly intended for pussy stimulation and anal stimulation, not for clitoral stimulation:


External Stimulation Sex Toys

Restraining Sex Toys

  • Ball gag: Keeping her mouth open with a ball between her teeth
  • Gag: Any type of gag to keep her mouth shut or open
  • Cockring: A ring for his penis
  • Ring gag: Keeping her mouth open with a ring between her jaws
  • Sex clamps: To tease her nipples,clit or pussy

Restricting Sex Toys

Other Sex Toys

Photos of Women enjoying their Sex Toy

Many photos and videos from amateurs showing women playing with sex toys can be found in VCity, the erotic playground, under Sex Toy Blog

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