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A sexy ass is a matter of opinion but one thing is for sure, a sexy ass is greatly appreciated by many people! What makes a sexy ass?

After dozens of sexy ass contests at Voyeurcloud, it can clearly be said, that a sexy ass depends on quite many parameters, which must all play together in order to receive the attribute "very sexy ass". A photo which focuses on her sexy ass is called ass shot.


Main Parameters for a Sexy Ass


There are no ideal dimensions neither an ideal ass shape for a sexy ass. However the dimensions should be within certain size limits, e.g. her ass cheeks should not be too big. And the ass should have a clear start and end line, especially between her cheeks and legs. The two optimal dimensions seems to be "full, round and firm" on the bigger side and "small, firm and tight" on the smaller side. of the scale.


Ass shapes can be categorized as bubble butt, heart shaped ass, toned, lean, Rubenesque, athletic, skinny, slim, tight ass and more. The vast majority seems to prefer a round symmetrical shape which is less extreme than a bubble butt. In other words: There is no specific shape for a sexy ass: The cheeks should should follow a virtual round shape no matter from which angle beeing looked at.

The perfect shape of a sexy ass by Nautigirl: Round, tight and firm and no specific shape.

Visual Firmness

Firmness, also described as tight ass, is an important attribute for a sexy ass. The ass should not follow gravity and her ass crack should not be too wide.

Further Parameters for a Sexy Ass


Bend over

A typical presentation of a sexy ass is to bend the body to the front side. The 90 degree angle leads to a full round ass and produces curves:

The Model in General

Her Legs

The formula regarding a sexy ass and her legs is quite simple: The longer her legs are, the more sexy people judge her ass. The shorter her legs are, the more other sexy ass attributes are required to let her ass appear sexy. In other words: Sexy legs are a prerequisite for a sexy ass.


Female asses can be enhanced visually by clothes or decoration thus leading easier to the reputation of a having a sexy ass. The most often elements of visually enhancing the sex appeal of an ass are

More Sexy Ass Photos

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Other Ass Attributes

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