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Sharking refers to a form of sexual prank that has supposedly become fairly popular in Japan. In the act of sharking, the perpetrator sneaks up on a victim in a public area in open view and forcefully exposes the victim's genitals or tits to be seen by the public for a brief moment before running away. It is very similar to the common schoolyard prank of pantsing practiced by bullies, although sharking is done for the sexual stimulation of the perpetrator, whereas pantsing is done solely for the humiliation of the victim. Sharking very often involves a 3rd person to video document the sharking event.

The common types of sharking are discussed and illustrated under:

The sharker is generally a man/boy wearing a hat or other disguise, and the victim, or sharkee, is generally a woman/girl wearing a skirt or flimsy, easily manipulated clothing.

The sharker first exposes and then (at least partially) removes undergarments to expose the victim briefly (victims are quick to shield themselves, scream, and put their clothing back on). Normally, a girl wearing a skirt has it quickly flipped/pulled up, panties pulled down, and then the sharker sprints away before receiving repercussion. This is what is generally meant by sharking but can be referred to as bottom sharking.

The opposite, top sharking, occurs only to women (as men are generally not embarrassed by having an exposed chest), in which the girls's shirt/jacket are pulled out of the way and bra pulled down/unhooked. It is not unheard of, but generally much less common.

The least common is the act of cum-sharking. This is where the man masturbates, usually behind a newspaper or something equally concealing. Then, at the last moment, he exposes himself to the sharkee and ejaculates on her. This leaves the victim to deal with semen on their hair and face. This is the least common, and generally more dangerous method of sharking due to the amount of preparation necessary.

The crime is best known due to the frequency of men partaking in such assaults to record their actions (although the men in question typically take measures to conceal their own identities in the videos, presumably so as to minimize the risk of legal prosecution), although there is a good deal of debate as to whether or not many of these videos are authentic, or staged.

Sharking Photos

Pulling her panties down
Tit Sharking in Progress
Ass sharking: Exposing her ass and running away
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