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Shoe fetish (also known as Retifism) is a sexual fetish with a focus on female shoes in general . If the shoe fetish is only focused on High heels it is called Altocalciphilia or high heels fetish. The mildest form of shoe fetish is to visually watch women wearing shoes, followed by a higher sexual arousal when having sex with women wearing shoes and the extreme forms are

  • Males wearing female shoes
  • Collecting pictures of female shoes
  • Collecting shoes
  • Ejaculating after fucking the shoe (rubbing the penis onto or into the shoe), which is called shoe fuck.)
  • Receiving shoe jobs

The first indicator of any form of shoe fetishism is to be sexually aroused by an empty female shoe. A second indicator is any form of shoe voyeurism or high heels voyeurism.

Prevalence of Shoe Fetishism

According to Wikipedia, shoe fetishism is one of the most common fetishes:" In order to determine the relative prevalences of different types of fetishes, scientists obtained a sample of at least 5000 individuals worldwide from 381 Internet discussion groups. The relative prevalences were estimated based on (a) the number of groups devoted to a particular fetish, (b) the number of individuals participating in the groups and (c) the number of messages exchanged. Using these measures, feet and shoes were found to be the most common target of preferences. This is consistent with an analysis of millions of search queries by users from the USA that were accidentally released during the AOL search data scandal. Sixty-four (64) percent of the sampled population that had a preference for an object associated with the body had a preference for shoes, boots, and other footwear."

According to Voyeurclouds posting log files, most of the shoe-fetish oriented posted photos show high heels, which means, most persons with a shoe fetish prefer to look at high-heeled type of shoes actually worn by a woman, followed by looking at "parked" empty high heels followed by other type of shoes like sneakers.

The high-heel focused fetish is discussed under high heels fetish.

Shoe Fetish Photos

More Shoe Fetish Photos

Many photos and videos from amateurs showing show fetish photos can be found in VCity, the erotic playground, under Shoe Fetish Blog

Special focused types of shoe fetish include:

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