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A shoe job is the sexual activity of a female using her feet wearing shoes to stroke a penis to orgasm - which means it is a special type of footjob. Special fetish-oriented variations include stockings/pantyhose while giving a shoe job. A shoe job is a type of footjob which can be performed in several ways:

  1. She might perform it exactly like a footjob while wearing shoes on her feet.
  2. He might stick his penis in between her foot sole and her shoe

Giving a shoe job requires her to move her feet up and down on the shaft of his penis for many minutes. This activity is almost like a workout and requires much more muscle power than giving a handjob.

Usually shoe jobs are not performed as foreplay but as the final tease leading to his orgasm. Vibrating shoes, also called shoe vibrator give his penis more intensive sensations.

Enjoying to receive shoe jobs is considered a shoe fetish. If her shoe is empty and he strokes his penis with her shoe(s) it is not called shoe job but a shoe fuck.

Shoe Job Photos

Man who prefer to receive a shoe job instead of fucking pussy have a shoe fetish
Delivering a shoe job
Delivering a shoe job

The aftermath of a shoe job are cum feet.

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