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A Sideboob is a voyeuristic view of the side of her boobs caused by the design of her top or dress by intension. Another term for this type of photography is "armhole photo". Typically the sideboob does require to be positioned beside her in order to get a full view of the profile of one her tits, while her tits appear fully covered from the front. This is achieved by wide openings of her dress under her shoulder. Sideboobs are very common among celebrities and many fashion designers design upper-class clothes featuring sideboob views. Sideboobs usually requires the voyeured woman to go braless. A special sub-type of sideboob is the bikini sideboob.

Important: A sideboob is requires dedicated sideboob-friendly clothing. If the view to the sides of her boobs is caused by the a malfunction of her dress, it may not be a sideboob but a sideblouse!

Function of a sideboob: Wearing sideboob-friendly clothes allows women to display their tits in public while fully dressed. It also allows women to blame a tits oops for any photos taken of their sideboobs, while in fact this was exactly what they wanted. On the other hand some sideboobs are strictly caused by the opening under her shoulder of her dress or her top simply designed to big and she might not be even aware of the fact as it would require her to stand sideways in front of a mirror in order to detect the "sideboob-friendly" feature of her clothing item. Any type of visible sideboobs are subject to tit voyeurism.

The golden rule of sideboob photo opportunities: The huger the cut of her dress under her shoulder and the smaller her boobs are, the higher are the chances to witness her sideboob view.

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