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contributor: famous for her “Sienna sitting on a rock” outdoor pictures, she is actually as sexy and graceful doing her contributions in the most breathtaking sceneries as she is shooting indoors.
No photos, even those shot by her talented hubby-photographer AH can ever do credit to how beautiful inside and out she really is. She is intelligent, charming, fun and knows how to turn heads either just walking down the street or tearing up the dance floor.

Sienna onarock.jpg
Sexy in bluejeans!

Sienna is one of the most natural models. She and AH are the dynamic duo. The photos and locations are absolutely amazing, especially the mountain shots. She is a gifted athlete, and she takes extremely good care of herself. The best of everything to both of them. They are very special, and the dance floor isn't the same after Sienna has been there.

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