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Single Penetration

The term Penetration means something or someone penetrating (entering) her body through her mouth or pussy or anus with something. Penetration can be combined in any way you can think about. Single penetration means only one of her holes is penetrated at a time. Other penetration types include double penetration, which means that one or two of her holes are penetrated by two different intruders and triple penetration (which means that she is penetrated more than two times simultaneously. In many cases, but not necessarily, penetration goes together with fucking.

Single Penetration during Partner Sex

Single penetration during hetero sex means that he either penetrates her mouth, anus or her pussy. Pushing his tongue into her mouth does not count as penetration, which means if you are fucking her pussy and at the same time kissing her, you still run single penetration.

Single Oral Penetration by Partner

In most you stick your penis into her mouth for single oral penetration. Read about this practice under blowjob and facefuck. Pushing your tongue into her mouth is not considered penetration but kissing.

Single Pussy Penetration by Partner

Single Pussy Penetration during sex between two people can be achieved in many ways:

Single Anal Penetration by Partner

In most cases he stick his penis into her anus for single anal penetration. Read about this practice under anal sex. Single anal penetration can also be achieved by using an ass plug or anal beads or by sliding a thin dildo in and out of her anus. It is also common to stick a finger into her anus.

Single Penetration during Masturbation

Single penetration during masturbation means that she penetrates her anus or her pussy herself and there is no other person involved.

Single Oral Penetration by Herself

Although some cheap porn videos might make you believe, that she enjoys to suck on a plastic dildo, you can be sure that this practice is not real. Women do not self-penetrate their mouth for pleasure.

Single Pussy Penetration by Herself

Single Pussy Penetration can be achieved in many ways:

Single Anal Penetration by Herself

Anal masturbation is not very common and usually accompanied by other masturbation activities focusing on her clit or pussy.

  • She fingers her anus.
  • She enters a sex toy into her anus.
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