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A sitting upskirt means that a voyeur was able to point his camera under the skirt of an unaware girl who was sitting and to take a photo. The resulting photo is usually called 'sitting upskirt' and is part of upskirt voyeurism. The sitting upskirt photo must at least show parts of her panty, her ass cheeks or her crotch. if it doesn't, it is a candid legs photo and not an upskirt photo. Sitting upskirt photos usually are shot from the front and show the face of the women due to the angle and position of the camera pointing towards her. Sitting upskirts do not require any special equipment but depend on
  • The length of her skirt
  • The spread angle of her legs
  • Light conditions
  • The awareness of the candid girl

Voyeurs who target sitting upskirts mainly go for candid women who wear short dresses or mini skirts at places where girls usually sit. This includes club upskirts as well as parks, monuments, landmarks, public fountains, restaurant and bars as well as bicycle upskirts.

Under the Table Upskirts

Under the table upskirts are a special type of sitting upskirt: You sit opposite a girl wearing a short skirt, point your camera or cell phone camera under the table towards her and test your luck. Quite often girls wearing short skirt do not pay too much attention to their legs if positioned under a table.

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