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Definition of Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle is a sexy photo pose. It is essential to performe a spread eagle with wide spread arm and legs. If only her legs are spread and her arms are not, you are not looking at the spread eagle pose but at a spread legs pose. Because of her spread legs, looking a the spread eagle pose might generate the desire to fuck the model in missionary sex position. A spread eagle can also be accomplished in a lying, sitting and standing position.

Types of Spread Eagle

Horizontal Spread Eagle

In order to move into the horizontal spread eagle position she lies flat on her back and stretches her hands away from her body while at the same time spreading her legs. It is OK for her to raise her knees: This will not jeopardize a horizontal spread eagle.

Photos Horizontal Spread Eagle

Spread eagle by Scandinavian Renee!
Horizontal spread eagle by Angela!

Wide Spread Eagle

To move into the wide spread eagle position she spreads her legs as much as she can and lifts them at the same time. The wide spread eagle is the most exciting spread eagle for him and usually leads to sex within short time.

Photos Wide Spread Eagle

A Wide Spread Eagle by WickedWife

Reverse Spread Eagle

To move into the reverse spread eagle position she performs a horizontal spread eagle on her belly. The reverse spread eagle invites him to tickle her feet or to go anal on her.

Photos Reverse Spread Eagle

A reverse spread eagle by Beatrice

Seated Spread Eagle

To move into the seated spread eagle position she sits on her ass, opens her legs and spreads her arms.

Photos Seated Spread Eagle

A seated spread eagle by Dani

Tied Spread Eagle

A tied spread eagle (also called bondage spread eagle) means to tie her arms in a spread position and her legs in a wide open position. Typically she stands or lies on her back. Tied spread eagles are very common in soft bondage games.

Photos Tied Spread Eagle

Tied spread eagle

More Photos And Videos Of A Spread Eagle

There are many more photos and videos of ladies in spread eagle position in VCity, the erotic playground, under Spread Eagle Blog Posts.

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