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Squirting is another name for female ejaculation and means the release of fluids out of her pussy. While there have been many myths and incorrect assumptions with respect to squirting, strong evidence suggests that some women are capable of ejaculation. Clear fluid is expelled from the urethra at or near the point of female orgasm. While the uninformed will argue that the ejaculate is urine, this is not so. It's chemical constitution, while containing trace amounts of creatinine and urea, is more an alkaline liquid secreted by the paraurethral glands that contains prostatic acid phosphatase and glucose.

Some pornographic films do show scenes of squirting. However, some of these scenes show "staged" ejaculations where the performer's vagina is filled with liquid that is released on cue, or the woman actually urinates on cue. Other films do show actual squirting, and there are a number of porn actresses who are known for this talent including Alicia Klass, Fallon, Flower, Georgia Southe, Annie Cruz and Sierra Sinn, among others.

Some females who do have this capability are sometimes embarrassed by this attribute and will tend to hide that they can squirt from their lovers, for fear of ridicule. As with any natural occurrence, these females should be encouraged to discuss this situation with their partners and look to include it as a part of healthy sexual activity.

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