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Street voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on photographing or videotaping sexy ladies on public street, especially during summer. Street voyeurism is performed by street voyeurs. The photo equipment used are

  • small cameras, or
  • cell phone cameras
  • Street voyeurs do not use hidden equipment or other dedicated voyeur or spy equipment.

Street voyeurs naturally do not hunt for nude body parts like tits and asses, as those can hardly be spotted on public street. Street voyeurs try to document more subtle sexual attractions like legs, cleavage, sexy faces, sexy skirts, sexy tops and may go as far as cameltoes, upskirts, downblouses and other oops situations - all 'modeled' by candid women on the street.

Most street voyeurs are some kind of general voyeurs and are happy with every sexy element crossing their way. Street voyeurism unless performed with hidden cameras, is not considered a crime in quite many countries, especially if done with a fully visible camera and declaring the results as photos of candid women or voyeur photos. The most common street voyeur photos show women in tight clothes like leggings or yoga pants or wearing high heels or going braless in public.


Types of Street Voyeurism

Street voyeurism is a combination of many different types of voyeurism. There are so many voyeuristic options on a public street at a good location during hot weather, that it is hard to focus on one voyeuristic subject only. In particular the following types have been identified:

Street Ass Voyeurism

Street ass voyeurism is a type of ass voyeurism focusing on spotting covered asses on public streets and includes dressed candid asses on the street. Documenting a lady wearing very short shorts or miniskirts with visible ass cheeks turn a street voyeur happy. This type of voyeurism does not intend to go under her skirt or shoot photos from unusual angles. Street ass voyeurism simply documents sexy asses which were displayed in public. See detailed discussion and photos under candid ass.

Street Ass Voyeur Photos

Street Leg Voyeurism

Street leg voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on spotting uncovered sexy legs on public streets called candid legs. Documenting a lady wearing shorts or miniskirts with sexy legs is the major goal. If her legs are covered by nylon, it would be candid pantyhose pics.

Street Leg Voyeur Photos

Street Upskirt Voyeurism

Street upskirt voyeurism is a type of upskirt voyeurism focusing on photographing under a woman's skirt on public streets. Unlike dedicated upskirters the street upskirters do not use any type of special photo equipment but simply try to locate good spots which do not require any bag cams or shoe cams, like for example stairways or escalators. The view is captured from normal viewing angles. Detailed article and photos under upskirt.

Street Upskirt Voyeur Photos

Street Thong Voyeurism

Street thong voyeurism is a type of thong voyeurism focusing on photographing women's thongs on public streets. It does not matter whether her thong is visible above her low waist pants or shining through some see-through fabrics like white pants or white skirts. This type of street photography is called candid thong photography. Another aspect of thong voyeurism are see-through pants and skirts, e.g. white pants and white skirts.

Street Thong Voyeur Photos

Street Tit Voyeurism

Street tit voyeurism is a type of tit voyeurism focusing on photographing women's dressed tits on public streets. Her tits should be somehow sexy, which in most cases means she has huge tits or shows a lot of cleavage. Photography focused on cleavage is also called candid cleavage photography.

Street Tit Voyeur Photos

More detailed information about street voyeurism can be found under candid photos.

Real Street Voyeur Photos and Videos

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