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A Submissive person is someone that is subservient to or given to doing the will of someone else. Many times the pleasing of another person is what the submissive desires most. Submission is based on total trust, love and respect for the dominant partner and is a two way street. Sexually, a submissive would normally be paired with a dominant person who would dictate his/her will in sexual matters to the submissive partner. Submissive behavior does not require visual or physical contact but can also be conducted remotely like for example via email. The concept falls under the BDSM umbrella and fetishes

Submissive Women

Submissive women can express their willingness to being dominated by many elements:

  • Through the type of clothing, e.g. kinky uniforms, collars or restraining clothing items
  • Being blindfolded
  • Participation at sexual bondage games
  • Posing for photos in a submissive was, either through the selected outfit or pose or both
  • Voluntarily wearing chastity belts or other chastity devices
  • Posing as human furniture
  • Accepting to be peed on
  • Enjoying forced orgasms

Photos of Submissive Women

The Submissive Blog Posts in VCity

There are more photos and videos of submissive sex action in VCity, the erotic playground, under Submissive Blog Posts

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