Sucking on a dildo

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Sucking on a dildo is a type of giving a blow job to a dildo. The intend might be to train for a real blow job or to simply tease for a photo or to simulate a blow job with a dildo. Some women practice to suppress their gag reflex on a dildo if their partner is largely endowed, and others enjoy taking a large dildo deep if their mate is tiny in the penis department. Before she starts sucking on a dildo:
  • 1: If the dildo is motorized (which means the dildo is a vibrator) the batteries should be removed to avoid any accidental start of the vibrations.
  • 2: The dildo should be washed thoroughly. If the dildo is brandnew: The dildo should be removed from it's box 48 hours before in order to lose it's chemical fumes and smell.

Best results can be achieved with wall-mounted dildos of a reasonable size and length. The following scenarios can be tested and trained by sucking on a dildo:

  • Sex appeal: She sucks on a dildo in front of a mirror and optimizes her facial expression in order to look cute when giving her next real blow job
  • The movement of her tongue while sucking on the dildo
  • The quality of her lipstick

Sucking on a dilldo
Sucking on dildo - self shot by FlyChick
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