Suction cup dildo

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A Suction cup dildo is a dildo that has a suction cup mounted on the end to allow for hands free enjoyment. These types of dildos work well vertically (like on a smooth counter or edge of bathtub) or horizontally (like on a mirror, door or piece of furniture). Care should be taken if using them on glass or a mirror. Suction cup dildos can be used as a source of pleasure for her, while giving him a Standing blowjob: While her mouth sucks on his dick, the suction cup dildo penetrates her pussy from behind. Suction cup dildos are her choice for masturbation if she wants or requires both of her hands available to perform other tasks. If used as such, she usually moved into the doggy-style masturbation body position.

Suction cup dildos are also used for public masturbation by attaching the dildo to a window and riding the dildo, while the whole world can enjoy the great view from outside her window. Suction cup dildos are required for window fucks.

Suction Cup Dildo Photos

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