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1 - Sunbathing is a popular leisure activity in which a person sits or lies in direct sunshine to have the skin tanned.

2 - A great opportunity for voyeurs to spot tits and pussy as well as to the latest trends of pubic hair trims.

3 - When coving specific regions of the body while sunbathing, she creates tanlines on her skin. In order to avoid such tanlines, sunbathing is often performed at topless beaches or nude beaches.

4 - Sunbathing while wearing a bikini will produce bikini tan lines on her skin.

5- Sunbathing nude girls are always subject to beach voyeurism no matter where sunbathing is performed (even at private back yards).

Sunbathing Photos

The 'Sunbath' Blog in VCity

There are more photos and videos of beauties sunbathing in VCity, the erotic playground, under Sunbath Blog Posts

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