Surveillance voyeurism

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Surveillance voyeurism is a type of voyeurism focusing on videotaping persons at locations and situation where they usually would expect privacy. Typically bedrooms, restrooms and bathrooms are common locations for surveillance voyeurs. The subject could be a girlfriend, wife or simply a guest. The typical equipment:

  • Covert cameras. and
  • Infrared cameras

very often connected (wired or wireless) to a recording device which can store hours of recording. The major challenge of a surveillance voyeur is to create situations where his 'subjects' undress and of course to review hours and hours of recorded material to locate the scene.

Boobs, pussy, ass as well as persons engaged in sex or masturbation are typically the ultimate goal for surveillance voyeurs. Voyeurcloud does not show this type of voyeurism, because it is considered an invasion of privacy to photograph people at place where cameras are not expected.

A typical example of Surveillance Voyeurism
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