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To swallow refers to swallowing his ejaculation - usually at the moment when he reaches an orgasm during a blow job. Some women prefer to spit instead of swallowing.

Top Reasons why some Females Swallow

  • Some men have sweet-tasting sperm.
  • It is quick and convenient: She does not have to run to a bathroom.
  • She does not have to find a towel or something to spit in.
  • It avoids painful eye shots.
  • It avoids the need of washing her hair after receiving hair gel.
  • It avoids putting new make up after receiving a cumface.
  • To consume the fruits of her labor.

Top Reasons why some Females do not Swallow

  • She does not like the taste of his ejaculation. (Note: men taste different one to another)
  • She feels discriminated or humiliated.
  • She believes it is disgusting.
  • She is on a diet.
  • She prefers to see his jizz spraying around.
  • She prefers the feeling of fresh cum on other body parts like for example between her boobs.
  • She is snowballing with her partner.

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