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Sybian: A fucking machine, consisting of a saddle-like seat containing an electric motor connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the center. Various penis-shaped objects, like dildos or butt plugs, can be attached to the rod. The Sybian perfects the so called riding a dildo masturbation. The Sybian is designed to generate two types of stimluations: 1. Vibrations are generated under the saddle in order to stimulate her clit and pussy lips 2. The dildo-shaped attachment moves up and down in order to penetrate her pussy (or anus). The pumping speed can be adjusting and can go much beyond any stroke speed of a real penis thus generating much faster and more intense orgasms to the person who "rides" the Sybian. The rider or her partner can control the speed and tempo.

The Sybian is very noisy when set to full speed. The sybian can be put on a chair or sofa. For those finding the price too expensive to purchase their own, sybians can be rented at good adult stores. Just be sure to clean before and after use. Throw a Sybian party for those wanting even more fun.

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