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The phrase tan lines or tanlines refers to an area or areas of pronounced comparative paleness in relation to other areas of the body that may have experienced sun tanning or sunburn. The tanned or sunburned area is such that it becomes visually clear where on the body the person was exposed to the sun versus the place(s) s/he covered up while being exposed to the sun. Tanline areas can occur more generally in almost any context where the human body is exposed to comparatively more sunlight in certain areas than in other areas. Many men consider tan lines on girls sexy because they create a color contrast on the girl's private parts and highlight those parts. Tanlines typically appear on her tits, her ass and her pubic hair region. Tanlines give you a very good idea what style of bikini she was wearing when she was opposed to sunlight. The lack of tanlines on her tits while at the same type showing tanlines on her ass are an indicator, that she went topless while tanning. The most common tan line are the bikini tan lines. A tan lined ass is also called cottontail.

Tanlines are very sexy when an untanned strip is showing above a tiny bikini. The wearer is inviting an advance. I was once boring but am now ready.

ES: Lineas de bronceado por exposición al sol.
Moreno vs. palidez de no haber tomado el sol. Suele ser muy excitante para quien las contempla en un cuerpo del sexo opuesto.

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