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A thong (aka 'Tanga') is a type of swimwear, lingerie, or panties that offers minimal coverage of a woman's ass, usually just a small triangular patch at the top of her ass, while the front covers a much huger triangle. Unlike a G-string, a thong does use some material to finish the back of the garment. Thongs are subject to thong voyeurism and pullme voyeurism. The function of a thong is

  • not to cover her ass cheeks
  • to cover her ass crack and mainly the center of her anus or as well to move into her ass crack
  • to cover her pussy
  • to show her exposed thong in public

Thongs come in every color you can imagine and in a variety of fabrics.

ES: Tanga

Photo Samples of Thongs

Thong Sizes

Thongs conversion table
International USA
36 XS
38 S
40 M
42 L
46 XXL

Much More Thong Photos and Videos

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