Tied legs

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Tied legs may be part of a bondage position and sexual bondage games. In general there are two different approaches:

Tied legs together
Her legs are tied together. This can be done by using rope to tie together her knees or ankles or handcuffs on her ankles. Once her legs are tied together she will be unable to spread her legs. This might add sexual excitement especially if teased while having to keep her legs tight together. However this position does not give good access to her pussy, which means stimulation should be performed on other body parts like for example her nipples.

Tied legs spread apart
Her legs are tied wide apart from each other to (for example) two bed poles or a spreader bar. This will keep her legs in a spread position and gives the other person free access to her pussy and/or anus. Having her legs tied this way or the other make the girl somehow feel helpless and might add to her and his sexual excitement. If her ankles are tied against her own thighs, it is not called tied legs but called leg bondage.

Photos of Tied Legs

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