Tied reverse spread eagle

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The Tied reverse spread eagle is a simple bondage position and a soft bondage game: The girl is tied to the four poles of a bed with her arms and legs spread wide apart, the socalled spread eagle position with her face pointing down. Different rope-like items can be used for bondage: handcuffs, rope, stockings, ties and others. The girl lies flat on her belly. In most cases the girl is additionally blindfolded in order not to let her see how he is teasing her. After she is tied, she is teased by her partner. the tied reverse spread eagle allows easy access to her anus and is the first choice for anal stimulation followed by anal sex. Her pussy can be reached to some degree, while her tits are out of reach. This position is also considered one of several tied to bed bondage positions. It is also quite common to take several photos of her and to submit those photos to Voyeurcloud.

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