Tied to a chair

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Tied to a chair is a simple simple bondage position and does not necessarily imply any deeper interest into BDSM but simply a soft bondage game: The girl is tied to a chair with her arms and legs spread while seated. Different rope-like items can be used for bondage: handcuffs, rope, stockings, ties and others. Usually the girl is additionally blindfolded in order not to let her see how (and sometimes who) he is teasing her. After she is tied, she is teased by her partner or other persons. It is quite common that she is dressed when tied to a chair. During later stages her tits might be exposed for the pleasure of her partner.

Due her seated position, mostly her legs and her and tits are being teased. The tease ranges from skin contact and tickling to nipple stimulation and clitoral stimulation with or without sex toys. She can also be asked to give blind blowjobs. Tied to chair can also be considered a sexy photo pose in sexy photography.

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